Notice the plural in the title; hopefully, you will have lots of it.

So better to be well prepared. However, it is very rare that it will change the prior internal ranking. Luckily you get plenty of time to get ready for interviews. In fact, the time you get is frustratingly long. Normally deadlines for applications are around December 31st and almost no school interview before February 15th. So you have around 45 days or more to work on your interview skills.

There are slight differences in value of the interview for international and domestic students and it does make sense.

  • Interview carries little weight for international students since there is very little information that comes out of a skype interview. So if you get an interview, you would most likely get an offer. Based on my and a senior application it’s 7 out of 8.
  • For domestic students, the interview does carry some weight. Unfortunately, I don’t have much idea yet (will update soon).

For the skype interview, follow basic rules:

  • Have formal background
  • Use a headphone and a mic
  • Use tons of light in your room, normally the visibility is really bad in video calling
  • Speak loudly and clearly
  • If you are in a place where power or electricity is not always available, make sure you let your interviewer know so that they could wait for you to come online in case of any issues.
  • Wear formal clothes, preferably a suit.

Happy Applications !!

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